The ideal prospecting platform for

Close the gap between your sales development goals and reality, with less effort along the way.

مدیریت کسب و کار

Create a steady flow of qualified opportunities

Assist your prospecting reps all the way from lead to meeting

  • Dashboards filled with dodgy data
  • SDRs free-styling their pitches
  • Chasing after SDRs to follow the cadence
  • Remote SDRs not making enough calls

Bloobirds is like having an extra SDR Manager on your squad, assisting your reps each step of the way, from qualifying inbound leads qualification to scheduling the meeting. Smart-assist technology suggests the best pitch, qualifying questions, cadence, and the recommended number of leads to add per company.

مدیریت مارکتینگ

Become a strategic metrics master

Drive a smooth prospecting process from start to finish

  • Dashboards filled with dodgy data
  • Custom report building in Salesforce
  • Policing SDRs to fill in fields
  • Remote teams damaging data integrity

Bloobirds guides remote SDRs from one task to the next, while effortlessly recording the data you need. Then, we automatically turn your data into eye-opening insights that are readable at a glance. You’ll go from CRM-hacking and SDR policing to Metrics Master – always leading your team to the next best decision.